Who I am

Styven Tamburo began its path of graduate studies in the field of human nutrition, health and physical exercise at the University of Camerino in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies obtaining the title of Doctor of Science and Technology of Fitness and Health Products, 110/110. Subsequently he earned the title of Doctor on Biological Sciences, curricula Nutrition and Functional Food with vote 110/100 cum laude in 2014 from the same university. During his studies, Styven spent six months in the city of Oxford (UK) to perfect the English language. In addition to the theory, Styven had the opportunity to do placements alongside great professionals. In particular, he spent several months in Padua with his Professor and medical doctor Nicola Sponsiello, with whom he also presented their experimental work in one of the major world conferences of sport nutrition, The European College of Sport Science (ECSS) in Liverpool (UK) in 2011.

After obtaining the qualification to practice the profession of nutritionist Styven joined the register of biologists (registration n° AA_073668) and began his professional activity as a registered nutritionist.

More roles on Styven’s profession:
– Lecturer at the School of Sport Nutrition and Wellness (SaNIS Italy)
– Head of research and development Service Keyson Ltd.
– Cooperation in various projects with Rosita Gabbianelli Associate professor of School of Pharmacy at the University of Camerino (Italy)
– Author of articles in magazine of scientific interest
– Speaker at conferences and seminars organized by universities, scientific societies, public bodies etc.
– Reviewer of scientific papers for the International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research.
– Member of international and national scientific societies in the field of nutrition, exercise, wellness.
– – FESNS, Fellow of the European Sport Nutrition Society (ESNS)
– National Secretary of Italian Association of Fitness Science Doctors (ADISF)

Given the passion for applied science in nutrition, physical activity and wellness Styven continues to be constantly updated, that is an essential prerequisite seen the field in which he operates.