Body Composition

Body composition refers to the estimation of percentage and kilograms of fat mass, fat free mass, and body fluids. Based on gender, age, and lifestyle you have substantial variation of these compartments, but they must have the right proportions to keep the body healthy. Even the athlete must control his body composition since for every sport, there are ideal levels of body fat and lean that should be maintained to optimize athletic performance.  Moreover, through these analyses it is possible to determine the body hydration status, which is a very important index for all people regardless of the lifestyle.

There are several ways to assess the body composition, the ones I offer are:
– Qualitative and quantitative bioelectrical impedance analysis
– Qualitative and quantitative skinfold thickness
– Body circumferences
– Bone diameters

Through these measurements, you obtain information on the current state of fat, muscle, and hydration and their distribution. In addition, you can observer over time, changes in these areas to reach better your goals.