Healthy eating should always be accompanied by physical exercise. It is now recognized that practicing physical exercise is beneficial to health regardless of age, weight or the athletic ability. Exercise can be of various types, we have sports such as rugby, football, swimming, basketball, fencing, athletics, marathon, triathlon, bodybuilding and recreational activities that are not sport by definition but include at the same way physical exercise, such as fitness, jogging, exercising with weights etc.

Every time you practice exercise will involve different metabolic systems, mainly the aerobic and anaerobic. The benefits of aerobic exercise are not limited to energy expenditure, especially useful when you want to lose weight, but also affect the health of the whole organism. If practiced with constancy this type of exercise is beneficial to the cardio circulatory, respiratory, and immune – systems, but also significantly improves cognitive skills and mental well-being.

The benefits of resistance training (with weights or by exploiting the body as weight) are not limited to determine an improvement in muscle mass. It is about to increase muscular strength and endurance, the welfare of the bones and cartilage, reducing the risk of injury, improving coordination and proprioceptive abilities, weight loss, other than cardiovascular, respiratory, immune system – benefits, in addition to holding on metabolism (burning more calories at rest), and much more.

Overall, therefore, engage in physical activities provides important health benefits, moreover it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, development of physical limitations associated with aging, development of fetal diseases and even death from any cause, at the same time it will also get improvements in body composition and sensitivity to sugars supporting the nutritional therapy.


My role in physical exercise is to recommend the right exercises with the aim to improve their state of well-being. In particular:
– Improve previously diagnosed disease states (e.g. Hypercholesterolemia, hypertension)
– Optimize body composition (body fat to muscle mass ratio )
– Healthy weight loss
– Antiaging / general welfare

Through customized programs of weight and aerobic training, aerobic but not for sport purposes only for aesthetic/health purposes.