Nutritional Wellness

A healthy diet has a different meaning for different people. For children it means promoting healthy growth and development.
For adults it means maintaining a state of optimal health and preventing disease states in which nutrition has a crucial role.

Healthy eating means to advice people how they should change their nutritional lifestyle through a personalized diet and / or nutritional education, in order to maintain or restore the state of psychological well-being and maintain it throughout life.

People expect that the diet is pleasant and fulfilling the senses like taste, sight and smell, this is very important because eating is not simply to ingest food, it is much more, it is a time when the food can mix with a social event, family, or even alone, just to enjoy a simple break to relax, for these reasons, the act of eating has to be lived with pleasure.

My services in nutritional wellness and in particular physiological conditions include:
To determine the nutritional and energy requirements in
– Healthy people
– Pregnancy
– Nursing
Through personalized diet plans and individual or collective nutritional education in all age categories children, teenagers, adults, elderly people.