Sport Nutrition

The science in sports and exercise is a specific branch of nutrition that requires in-depth knowledge. In fact it includes information relating not only to the elite athlete but also many men and women in the general population who engage in regular physical activity, not for competitions, but for the physical well-being, weight control, prevention of certain diseases and to maintain a state of good health.

Many physically active people although not athletes practice exercise by undergoing the same stress level of professional athletes. Both the athlete and the physically active person often have to face, in a more or less similar way, stress, muscle overload, reduction of energy stores, dehydration and fatigue.

For this reason, it is very important to determine nutritional and energy needs in a personalized way considering not only the type of sport but also the intensity, timing, periodization of the different workouts, workout schedule and so on.

This is very important to create a customized meal plan of all macro- and micro-nutrients that meets all the physiological requirements of the human body induced by physical exercise. This will optimize performance and recovery times, but especially to maintain a state of psycho-physiological well-being.


My role in sports nutrition is to determine the energy and nutrient requirements of:
– Professionals elite athletes
– People doing recreational sport
– People want to change sedentary lifestyle
– Sportsmen and athletes with previously diagnosed diseases

For both the individual and the team for all kinds of sports, in all age categories children, teenagers, adults, seniors.