L’Ordine  Nazionale dei Biologi è stato istituito con la Legge 396/67: tale legge delinea il profilo della figura professionale del biologo e ne precisa le competenze. 


The II European Summer School on Nutrigenomics intends to respond to the following question: How diet shapes microbioma promoting health?
To reach this goal, researchers with expertise on microbioma, transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, epigenetics will discuss about the themes related to the dietary approaches for the prevention of metabolic, intestinal bowel and neurodegenerative diseases


The Italian Association of Fitness Science Doctors brings together academic professors, medical doctors, biologists, and doctors of fitness sciences. It was created with the main purpose to protect and assist the students of the Fitness science and technologies and health products bachelor’s degree course of the University of Camerino, in addition to offering a service of scientific research and divulgation on issues concerning physical exercise, supplements and wellness.


Since 1930 the International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research has provided an important international forum for scientific advances in the study of nutrition and vitamins. Widely read by academicians as well as scientists working in major governmental and corporate laboratories throughout the world, this publication presents work dealing with basic as well as applied topics in the field of micronutrients, macronutrients, and non-nutrients such as secondary plant compounds.


From the ambitious project to create and introduce in the panorama of wellness and nutrition an innovative, complete and versatile product, comes Keyson. To his service, working a team of professionals, each with extensive experience in their area of expertise, recognized both nationally and internationally; Keyson makes use of their valuable contribution to develop a professional, reliable, flexible and dynamic. One of a kind.


Impedimed is currently one of the most respected companies in the world on bioimpedance analysis (single frequency 50 kHz and spectroscopic Xitron technology) applied to the analysis of body composition multi-compartmental. Specific algorithms for general populations, Obese, Children.
International quality certification, CE mark – 93/42 – FDA approval.
Impedance analysers for analysing body composition by direct measurement of resistance R, reactance Xc, Phase Angle PA, Analysis Hy-Dex with technology Vector.