Achieving well-being of body, mind and spirit should be the main focus in the life of every person. This can also be achieved through changes in lifestyle such as focus on healthy food choices, not smoking, engage in regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight. Extend the mind through continues education, and find a source of inner strength to deal with life changes are all factors that will contribute to the sense of well-being.
From the perspective of food it is now trivial and insignificant mention of the “Miracle Diet” or a diet that is effective for everyone. Some people respond better to diets that do not fit for others, moreover others have specific nutritional requirements given by specific physiological or pathological conditions. Each individual has different needs, for this reason we cannot entrust the “Miracle Diet” or at least, I do not propose it. What you should look for instead is the “individualization” concept. The criterion I use to achieve targets for my clients is highly individualized. It is based on a systematic approach to characterize the phenotype (the set of all the observable characteristics of an individual), that comes from the physiological response to the various intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, including the environment in which you live, previously diagnosed diseases by a doctor, any medication, genetic background, the status of the gut microbiome and so on.  This allows me to set a proper nutrition plan and personal exercise to achieve the objectives.

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